My Bonuses

What are My Bonuses?

Upromise applies bonuses to your account to “Power Up” your earning potential. There are several different reasons members will receive a bonus offer. You may receive a bonus offer because of an activity you participated in, to encourage you to explore Upromise, or "just because" we want to thank you for being a member.

Generally, these bonuses will offer an additional flat amount, increased percentage, or multiplier of the cash back you would otherwise earn for completing a specific activity or making an eligible transaction.

All bonuses have an expiration date. If you have multiple bonuses available to your account for the same activity or transaction type, the bonus that expires first will be applied.
Some bonuses require you to activate them by clicking the ‘Activate’ button listed alongside the available bonus.

To receive the award connected with the bonus, you must perform the activity with which it is connected. Shop bonuses will credit when you receive the cash back for your purchase.

Be sure to check back often for new bonus opportunities!