Where will I earn rewards using registered credit and/or debit cards?

Your registered credit and/or debit cards can be utilized as part of our restaurant dining program to earn rewards at approximately 10,000 restaurants nationwide. As a Upromise member, you are eligible to earn 2.5% cash-back rewards on your total bill, including tax and tip (increased to 5% when you pay with a Upromise Mastercard). To find restaurants near you visit: https://dining.upromise.com/

Using a registered credit or debit card will not result in rewards from:

  • Online Shopping merchants – you simply need to shop online through the Upromise Shopping links in your Upromise account, regardless of the payment method used.
  • In-Store and other merchants not affiliated with Upromise – To earn cash-back rewards from your everyday purchases outside of the Upromise Online Shopping and Restaurants programs, you will need to apply for and use the Upromise Mastercard.  Apply Now

Upromise is constantly exploring new ways for our members to receive valuable rewards towards their college saving goals, including additional ways to earn while using their credit and/or debit cards or engaging in everyday activities.