What do I do if my rewards are missing?

Upromise will display Pending Rewards in your account as soon as we receive notification from the merchant or partner with whom you completed an eligible purchase. This will typically happen within 7 business days of your transaction date. Travel purchases will typically appear as pending rewards within 7 business days of the booking date, however, your rewards won’t be available for redemption until after trip completion. However, the time it takes for Pending Rewards to appear on your Upromise account may vary over time and by merchant or partner.

If you do not see your Pending Rewards for an eligible purchase after 7 business days, you can Contact Us via our Messaging tool at the bottom of the page. Please provide the requested transaction information on the online form along with the e-receipt, and we will research the eligibility of your transaction with our partners. 

We are often able to resolve these inquiries quickly; however, it may take longer to resolve some inquiries.