How do I view my rewards?

There are several different ways to view your rewards balance with Upromise. 

On your home screen, you will see your Summary balances with Upromise at the top of the page:

  • Pending Rewards– reward transactions that are eligible for rewards but have not yet been posted to your Upromise account.
  • Earned Rewards– rewards that are currently available to be transferred into linked 529 College Savings Plan account(s) or bank account(s) once your minimum transfer requirement has been met.
  • Transferred Rewards–rewards that have been transferred into linked 529 College Savings Plan account(s) or bank account(s).
  • Total Rewards– sum of rewards that are currently available to be transferred and rewards already transferred from your Upromise account into linked 529 College Savings Plan account(s) or bank account(s).

Earned Rewards + Transferred Rewards = Total Rewards

Your home screen also displays your rewards by category. This should help you see where you are successfully utilizing Upromise and where you may have an opportunity to earn more rewards. Clicking on the <Transaction Details> links in your earning rewards tiles will take you to a detailed view of your rewards.  

Also, you can navigate to your Rewards page by clicking the <See Your Earnings> button in your account dropdown. The Rewards page also displays the last three years of transaction detail on your account. You can filter by earn or transfer categories, search for specific transactions, or enter specific date ranges when viewing your transaction details. We also provide an annual summary graph for older transactions to track your progress over the years.