When will my rewards be transferred to my linked account(s)?

We will automatically transfer your Earned Rewards balance to your linked account(s) on a monthly basis, generally during the first week of each month, provided that you have met your minimum transfer requirement and have a verified linked account.  Any rewards not transferred in a given month remain in your Upromise account and are eligible for transfer in a later month, once your minimum transfer requirement is met.

Members cannot change the frequency, amount, or date transfers are initiated.

To be eligible for transfers, you need to:

  • Have a verified linked 529 College Savings Plan account or checking/savings account in an Active status. You can view the status of your linked accounts from the Profile
  • Have an Earned Rewards balance in your account equal to or greater than your minimum transfer requirement. Your minimum transfer requirement is displayed on the Profile page of your Upromise account.

For example, if:

  • Your family reached $51.25 in rewards in June. Congrats! Those rewards will be transferred to your linked 529 College Savings Plan account the first week of July.
  • You’ve been a member for a year and have $252 in Earned Rewards without a linked account, and then you link your child’s savings account to your profile in April, all $252 will be transferred during the first week of May.

If you have multiple linked accounts, the rewards transferred will be evenly distributed across the accounts.

The tentative transfer schedule for 2024 is:

  • Tues Jan 2rd
  • Mon Feb 5th
  • Mon March 4th
  • Mon April 1st
  • Mon May 6th
  • Mon June 3rd
  • Mon July 1st
  • Mon Aug 5th
  • Tues Sept 3rd
  • Tues Oct 1st
  • Mon Nov 4th
  • Mon Dec 2nd

These dates are subject to change without prior notice to our members. We will strive to maintain the above schedule and apologize for any inconvenience if a delay occurs.