Where can I transfer my Upromise rewards?

To have your rewards transfer into a 529 College Savings Plan account and/or checking/savings account, you need to:

  • Link your 529 College Savings Plan account or checking/savings account to your Upromise account. You can do this by going to the Profile page in your Upromise Account. Click on the <Add New Accounts> button. Then select the <Account Type> from the drop-down menu and enter the account details for the requested fields. Once complete, click <Submit>.
  • Once you have linked a 529 College Savings Plan or Checking/Savings account to your Upromise account, you will be requested to verify these changes via a confirmation email.
  • Earn enough rewards to be eligible for a transfer. Your Earned Rewards balance will need to meet your minimum transfer requirement to be eligible for a transfer.  Your minimum transfer requirement is calculated by the number and type of accounts you have linked.  You can view your minimum transfer requirement on the Transfers
  • That’s it! We will automatically transfer your Earned Rewards balance to your linked account(s) on a monthly basis, generally during the first week of each month, provided that you have met your minimum transfer requirement.

You can view the status of your Upromise rewards on the Rewards page in your account.  Click on the <Transferred> tab to view the status of your recent transfers.