Why did my 529 College Savings Plan return a Upromise reward check payment to me?

This can happen when your transfer fails and your 529 College Savings Plan is:

  1. Currently receiving Upromise payments via paper check instead of electronically, or
  2. Your payment was sent via paper check because we were unable to validate the 529 Plan account owner name and address as entered in your Upromise account. 

If the 529 College Savings Plan has a problem processing the payment, they may forward the check to you along with a letter explaining why it could not be processed.

If this occurs, please notify the Upromise Support team so that they can ensure the status of your payment moves to Failed and the funds are returned to your Upromise account.  If your paper check payment remains outstanding beyond 45 days, we will automatically begin the process of stopping the payment and returning the funds to your Upromise account. 

Most of the time, you will be able to resolve the issue to ensure future payments are completed successfully by clicking on the <Manage> link to the right of the account on your Upromise profile page and verifying you selected the correct 529 Plan name and entered the account information accurately.  If you are not able to resolve the issue, please contact the Upromise Support team so that they can assist you.