How Do I Link a 529 Account To My Upromise Account

Follow these simple steps to Link your 529 College Savings Plan:

Step 1: After logging into your Upromise account, click the Profile link from the account pull-down at the top right of the page.




Step 2: From the Profile page, click “Add New Accounts”, which you’ll have to scroll down to access.



Step 3: Under Select Account Type, choose 529, and then fill in the appropriate account information.


Step 4: Scroll down to click the “Submit” button.


Step 5: Once you have linked a 529 College Savings Plan account to your Upromise account, you will be requested to verify these changes via a confirmation email.

That’s it! Upromise initiates transfers for all eligible Upromise members during the first week of each month. If you are eligible, we will transfer your full rewards balance equally to your linked accounts on a monthly basis.