Is there a minimum or maximum amount of rewards that Upromise will transfer?

The minimum Upromise will transfer to a 529 College Savings Plan account is $50 and to a checking/savings account is $10.  To receive transfers of Earned Rewards, simply link a 529 College Savings Plan account or a checking/savings account to your Upromise account on the Profile page. 

Once your 529 Plan or checking/savings account is actively linked to your Upromise account, we will automatically transfer your Earned Rewards balance on a monthly basis, generally during the first week of each month, if you have met your minimum transfer requirement.  You can view your minimum transfer requirement on the Ledger page. 

If you have multiple accounts or account types linked, including at least one 529 College Savings Plan account, your minimum transfer requirement will be $50 for each account (including both 529 Plan accounts and checking/savings accounts).  Otherwise, your minimum transfer requirement will be $10 for each account. 

The maximum that you can transfer to your linked account(s) in any given monthly transfer cycle is $5,000. If you have leftover rewards in your Upromise account after a transfer, those rewards will carry over and are eligible for transfer the next month, provided that your minimum transfer requirement is met.