What do I do if my transfer fails?

Transfers will typically fail if your account information is entered incorrectly or if the status of the account at your 529 Plan sponsor or banking institution has changed. 

Some common reasons for a transfer to fail include:

1. Incorrect account number information
2. Incorrect routing number for bank accounts
3. Incomplete or incorrect name and address information
4. Incomplete or incorrect account owner information

We also recommend you confirm with your financial institution that they accept ACH transactions that are not payroll related.

When a transfer fails, Upromise will:

  1. Send an email with information on the failure reason, if available;
  2. Update the status of the transaction to Failed on your Rewards page;
  3. Return the rewards to your Upromise account Earned Rewards balance; and 
  4. Inactivate the linked account to prevent future failures.

If your transfer failed, please go to your Profile page in your Upromise account and click on the <Manage> link to the right of the linked account and ensure the 529 College Savings Plan or checking/savings account information is accurate.  After validating your account information, de-select the <Inactivate Account> button, and then click <Submit>.  If the account details are incorrect, click on the Orange circle next to “Please check if you want to update the below details”. Once selected you will be able to correct your account details, de-select the <Inactivate Account> button, and then click <Submit>.

Once reactivated, we will again attempt to transfer your rewards during the next monthly transfer cycle.

If you need further assistance or details, please submit a Contact Us request.