Navigating Restaurant Dining Rewards!

How do I earn Upromise rewards when dining at restaurants?
You can earn rewards when dining at a participating restaurant and paying with a credit or debit card that has been registered to your Upromise account. As a Upromise member, you are eligible to earn 2.5% cash-back rewards on your total meal cost, including drinks, tax and tip (increased to 5% if you pay with a Upromise Mastercard).

What restaurants participate in Upromise?

There are approximately 10,000 restaurants nationwide that participate in Upromise. Restaurants are consistently being added, please check back frequently and while traveling to maximize your rewards earning potential.

To locate a participating restaurant near you, please use our restaurant search.

How many cards can I link to my Upromise account?

Members can link up to 12 credit and/or debit cards to their Upromise account for the Upromise restaurant dining program.

How do I link my credit and/or debit cards?

To link your credit and/or debit card(s) so that you can earn cash-back rewards when dining at participating restaurants, please click the <Add a Card> button under the Upromise Restaurant section on your Profile page.

You can always view your registered credit and debit cards from your Profile page.  To manage the cards registered, simply click on the <Manage> link to the right of a card.  Note that it may take a day for a newly registered card to appear on your Profile page.