How are my rewards affected by returns, exchanges, or back orders?

Returns: Returns will be credited back via the original method of purchase and adjustments to your rewards will typically be posted to your Upromise account within 90 days of the return.

Exchanges: Revisions to Upromise rewards will be made, when appropriate, on exchanged merchandise.

Back-ordered items: Upromise rewards on back-ordered items will be processed upon notification from the retailer that the order has been fulfilled.

Adjustments to your rewards may take up to 90 days to appear in your Upromise account, depending on the merchant and the status of the order.

Upromise is only responsible for awarding rewards on valid and final member purchases at participating retailers, as reported to Upromise by the merchant or partner. All questions about returns, exchanges and back orders of merchandise should be handled directly with the merchant.