Why are my online shopping rewards missing?

There are several activities that may disrupt our ability to track and provide rewards for your online shopping purchases, including:

  • Other toolbar or browser extension - Having an installed toolbar or browser extension from another cash-back or rewards company active.
  • Clicking between multiple browser windows or tabs - Participating merchants and partners identify Upromise members through browser cookies that transmit to their site from Upromise.com. Having multiple internet browser windows or tabs open and clicking back and forth between pages may result in the purchase being attributed to another website. This often happens inadvertently when members perform an online product search while simultaneously shopping through Upromise.
  • Taking advantage of other promotional offers – Online merchants or partners may not provide rewards on purchases made through the Upromise website if you later click on or take advantage of another promotional offer not listed on the Upromise site when you made the purchase.
  • Clicking through a merchant or partner email - Many of our members also subscribe to emails from various merchants or partners to be notified of sales and special offers. Merchants and partners will not provide rewards if you have completed a purchase after clicking through their direct email, and not by clicking through to the merchant or partner site from the Upromise online shopping mall.
  • Make sure you do not have ad blocking software - like AdBlock Plus, WOT or Noscript running.

It is important that our members are familiar with the eligibility requirements when shopping with our online merchants and partners. For more information on how to shop through Upromise or eligibility requirements, please review the individual merchant’s cash-back terms in the Upromise online shopping mall.