What is The Upromise 529 Scholarship

Saving for college is difficult and we want to do our part to help by awarding five Upromise families a $529 college scholarship every single month, year-round.


Winners are randomly picked at the end of each month and the selected members will receive $529 in their Upromise account to help them save for college.


And if you are not selected this month...Good news, there is another chance to win every month!


How to earn entries for the Upromise 529 Scholarship


There are three ways to earn entries for the Upromise 529 Scholarship each month:


The Best Ways to Earn

As a Upromise member, earning more rewards is the best way to increase your entries for the Upromise 529 Scholarship. Each dollar earned in a given month will result in an additional entry.




Upromise Scholarship Rules:  https://www.upromise.com/scholarship













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