How Do I Add A Beneficiary To My Upromise Account?

A beneficiary is an individual for whom you’re saving for college. In order for us to transfer your Upromise savings from your Upromise account to your designated college 529 or savings account, you need to designate at least 1 beneficiary.

Follow these simple steps to add a beneficiary:

Step 1. After logging into your Upromise account, click the Profile link from the account pull-down at the top right of the page.



Step 2. From the Profile page, click the “Add Beneficiary” button



 Step 3. Add the name of the individual for whom you’re saving for college. Then click either “Save Updates” button if you're only adding 1 beneficiary or Add Beneficiary if you want to add another beneficiary.


It’s as easy as that!

After you’ve added at least one beneficiary, then link either a 529 account or a savings account to designate where you want Upromise to deposit your accumulated savings.