What does the status of my transfer mean?

There are 3 statuses you may see associated with a transfer to a linked account from your Upromise account:

  • Pending: The transfer to your 529 College Savings Plan account(s) and/or checking/savings account(s) has been initiated and is being sent to your financial institution.  Pending transfers will typically complete or fail within 7 business days, however depending on the payment method it could take up to 45 days for some 529 College Savings Plan account payments.
  • Redeemed: The transfer to your linked account(s) was completed and the funds should be reflected in your 529 College Savings Plan account(s) and/or checking/savings account(s).
  • Failed: The transfer has failed or was not accepted by your financial institution.  This can happen for various reasons and Upromise will post an administrative message on your Upromise account with details on why the transfer failed and what to do if that information is communicated to us.  Click on the bell icon on the upper right corner of any page to view your administrative messages.
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